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If you love golf, you will love this story. That is for sure.


If you hate golf, you will love this story. 


But how can that be, you wonder?


The sport of golf is the vehicle but it is not the story. Just as THE QUEENS GAMBIT was not about chess. This is a story of humanity. An illustration of our fears towards people different than us. How we try and suppress diversity and how it can stop people from achieving greatness and gaining the recognition they deserve.


It could not be a more appropriate story for our times. 


If you love an underdog, you will love this story.


If you, or you know of someone, suffering from a mental or physical challenge and have encountered or witnessed unfair consequences because of it, you will love this story.


If you like a wrong being righted and like to see someone get their due, you will love this story.


Best of all, although it is my fictional account, most of it is drawn from true events.


If you have never heard the name of the Canadian sports hero Moe Norman before -- and even if you have -- please come and enter into his world with me. You will be glad you did. His life journey has fascinated me for decades and I strongly suspect it will for you too.


Most of you who know me, know I am a huge golf fan. Both playing and watching it. I also have always had a soft spot for the underdog and on more than one occasion have put myself in a precarious situation to defend them, wherever I may see it.

I also have a love for writing that got buried on the life path that I am now rediscovering.

When you put the two loves together, it results in a bucket list item finally being checked off for me. My novel, SEND IN THE CLOWN.

As one of my proofreading friends said to me:


"Andrew, when you asked me to read this, and you told me it was about golf, I had to pinch my nose a bit. I can't think of something less interesting lol. Boy was I wrong! Once I started, I could not put it down. What a page-turner!  Congrats on the vivid telling of such an incredible story and for highlighting an important message that is so appropriate in todays crazy world!"