Visual Artist

Thank you for visiting me and my artwork at the Artist Project!


      Did you like something and are you thinking...what now?

Now that you have attended The Artist Project, met me and saw my artwork, a number of situations may have arisen:


1.  You may have seen a piece you liked at the show but thought "I can't just buy this artwork here at the show -- no matter how much I may like it -- as I need to see it in my space first". 


2. You may have thought "I love a particular piece but need a different size or maybe some different colours."


3.  You may have also gone through my website and saw a piece in the "available" section that wasn't at the show and wondered "how can i get to see it?" 


4.  You may even be wondering "what type of payments can I make to purchase?"


Well, these are all easily solvable!


First, I fully understand that most people need to take time to purchase a piece of art. I am the same way!  There does not need to be a rush to decide.


I would be happy to let you try any of my artwork in your home UNDER NO OBLIGATION.  All you need to do is get in touch with me, let me know the piece you are interested in and we can arrange for me to bring it to your space. You can try it out for a week before you decide.  It is that easy!  I will happily travel anywhere within an hour or so of Toronto to bring it to you.


If you see something on my website that wasn't at the show, I can also bring it to you.  You can alternatively arrange to visit me in my Cabbagetown studio and see it, and others, if you wish.


Finally, you may see a piece on my website that has already been sold.  (I include some samples in the tabs under the "artwork" tab of previous works.) or maybe you love a piece but want it in a different size?  This too is easy to solve!  Again, let me know what it is and we can arrange to meet and chat about a commissioned artwork.  These DO NOT cost you any more than an artwork already created since I price my work very simply -- by the square inch.


And when it comes to payment it can be cash, Credit Card or Cheque and I will also consider a payment plan for larger works.


So there you go! 


If you wish, you can call me at 416-690-3422 or by email


In any event, thank you so much for stoppping by my booth and taking the time to engage with me and my artwork.  If something isn't in the offing this time around, perhaps there will be down the road and I will see you as new works get shown at my future art shows.


Most of all, I am glad we got the chance to meet.


Cheers and all the best!