Visual Artist

A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the
The Artist Project, The Riverdale Artwalk, Kingston Artfest or the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and said hello, enjoyed my artwork or were one of the many to make a purchase and
have one of my artworks become a part of your world. 

It was a wonderful, busy and rewarding first half of the year.

And now it is time for a bit of a break and get away.  

I will be away as of July 12th until Sept 15th. 

    You will still be able to see/purchase my work at the various                     galleries who carry my work but my studio and I          will now be unavailable.

    If you wish to chat about an artwork, you can email me but       I will apologize up front that I may not be quite as quick        to respond as I normally do.  But respond I will!

                              Thanks again for all your support                                 and here is to a wonderful summer for all! 

See you in the fall.


Places where you can currently find my artwork

and my schedule for future exhibitions.


For your convenience there are two ways

of seeing my artwork on this website:

1. Currently Available Artwork 

2. Artwork Series (Sold artworks included.)


Being an artist can be an eventful life.

This a place where I would like to share the up and downs and all arounds.

How lucky I am to do what I love for a living.  Not for one second do I take it for granted.   Each day I wake up looking forward to not only where my art will take me,  but to who it may introduce me to.


Life is all about connecting.  As is art. 

Please grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and curl up in your favourite chair and enjoy my website.  Maybe you will find "the one" you have been looking for to adorn your precious space.  To have a part of me in your world.  Maybe it will even inspire you to pick up a paintbrush for yourself for the first time!  As I did just over ten years ago.
Either way, it is a win.
Thanks for connecting.  Enjoy!