How lucky I am to do what I love for a living.  Not for one second do I take it for granted.  Each day I wake up looking forward to not only where my art will take me,  but to who it may introduce me to.  (As it may be doing for us, right now, as you visit my website for the first time or for a return visit.)


Life is all about connecting.  As is art. 

Please grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and curl up in your favourite chair and enjoy my website.  It contains art that is for sale and some of my work from the past.  So you can see where I am now and the journey I have travelled.
Maybe you will find "the one" you have been looking for to adorn your precious space and our connection will go beyond this page for many more years to come.
Thanks for connecting.  Enjoy!
And my new novel will be available soon!

I have added two summer shows to my schedule.

More media coverage:

Click on the Mural for the full video:


National News Coverage on my new Mural:
Some thoughts in these crazy pandemic times...from late 2019.
Interior Design Toronto Interview

I was honoured to be interviewed recently by Interior Design Toronto on how to go about getting a commissioned artwork.  Here is a link to the article.  I hope you find it helpful!


Wow. Speechless. Again.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth at this years Artist Project after a three year covid forced absence. Whether you came to see me, my work, or made a purchase, each one of you are appreciated and your presence is not taken for granted. It was nice to finally see some of your faces again -- or your twinkling eyes -- as we each choose our own level of comfort in being masked or not in public.


Nine artworks found their forever homes during The Artist Project and I am sure a few more will be finding their way in the weeks to come.  You can see what is still available or sold here


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Be well.





My street mural in downtown Toronto!  

Click on the book cover for more information.